Absolutely amazing! www.Dandrewphotography.com

Here are some amazing shots of my family taken by the internationally acclaimed D’Andrew Photography. Great photography direction! When I saw the photos for the first time, I couldn’t believe it was me. If this is a family shoot, imagine what he can do for a wedding or an engagement session. D’Andrew’s work is absolutely amazing! 0341042104580495





My Wedding 2004

This was my wedding in 2004. I was sharing my wedding day story with one of my brides and I thought I should share it with you too. You would think since I’m a Professional Wedding Coordinator I wouldn’t need one on my wedding day, right? WRONG!! I tried my hardest to do it all on my own…but I was getting stressed out and was starting to lose sight of what this day really meant. I wanted to take time off from organizing the wedding to enjoy the fun and happiness of my engagement with all my family and friends. I didn’t want to be the bride that stays home the week of her wedding figuring out seat assignments, making favors and place cards while all of my out of town guests are downtown having a good time. So, even wedding coordinators hire wedding coordinators. We know that the magic of a beautiful wedding lies in the radiance of a truly happy bride and groom. Initially, it was hard to hand my own wedding over to a coordinator, but to this day… I never regret it. I had the BEST time on the week of my wedding with all of my family, out of town guests, and many new members of my husbands family that I had met for the first time. I was a stress free, radiant, and a happy bride!!

New Site, New Designs…Yeah!!

The Owens FamilyHi friends, today I just started designing my new website…which has been long over due!!  It’s going to look so amazing. Finally, there will be a gallery of pictures of my designs and wedding coordination so that you can look at them.  All I  can say is “It’s going to look FABULOUS!!  Anyway, I gotta go back to work so that I can fine tune the new and improved Vibrant Weddings website. P.S. A quick Thank You to my amazing husband and beautiful baby girl for dealing with my crazy hours of work and for all their support. I love you both so much XOXO.